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As election day draws near, we want to hear what people from all walks of life have to say about their chosen candidates. Focusing on the question, “Who are you voting for and why?”. Let’s read below.

Mr. Benjo Rellama
Parent – FAITH Colleges

I believe that BBM is capable on that position that’s why I choose BBM as President. Wala po ako basehan sa pagpili basta gusto ko ay BBM as President.

Ms. Ash Gonzales
4th Year BA Communications Student – FAITH Colleges

Ang Presidente ko po ay si BBM. Ang lola ko bago pa man mag decide si BBM na tumakbo as President ay maraming pinapadala sa akin na source tungkol sa mga nagawa ng mga Marcos mula sa parents niya  hanggang ngayon. Hindi naman ako naimpluwensyahan  pero  hindi ako tumitingin halimbawa  kung sino ang iboboto ng father ko. So, si BBM kasi  gusto ko maranasan  kung paano, I mean matagal na kasi tayo naging under ng dilawans, so gusto ko ma-experience  maging under ng Presidency ng Marcos. Hindi naman sa wala akong nakita na improvement from President Duterte, kasi mas marami at maganda in fact na nagawa si Duterte kesa doon sa last president.

Mr. Bonifacio Esternon
Physical Plants and Facilities – FAITH Colleges

Ako kasi ay nag iisip pa kung sino ang possible kong iboto as President. Mahirap kasi ang pabago-bago kasi nakasalalay dito ang aming trabaho at pamilya. Sa aking palagay ay yung kaya pagsilbihan kahit ang taong mahirap ay magagawang tulungan at hindi pagyamanin ang kapwa mayaman. 

Mr. John Dischoso

Si Isko aking Presidente para maiba naman.  Also, iba kasi ang knowledge ng new generation ngayon kaya palagay ko Isko ang presidente ko.

Mr. John Lester Cabrera
4th Year BS Hospitality Management Student – FAITH Colleges

Bale sa ngayon po ay undecided pa po ako kung sino ang iboboto ko na President kasi nakukulangan po ako sa  kanilang mga credentials, propaganda, at mga facts. Ito ay ilan lang sa aking mga basehan kung sino ang posible kong presidente sa darating na halalan.

Mr. Neigie Caponpon
4th Year BS Hospitality Management Student – FAITH Colleges

Tentative pa po ako sa kung sino ang aking iboboto bilang presidente. Pero, ang pinagpipilian ko lang po talaga ay si VP Leni and BBM dahil palagay ko sila lang din po ang mahigpit na maglalaban sa posisyon sa pagiging Presidente. One of my basis is from the opinion of my family and even my parents.

Mr. Arvee Bael
4th Year BS Hospitality Management Student – FAITH Colleges

Sa ngayon po ay hindi pa po ako makapag decide kung sino ang aking iboboto as President. Pero dahil ang pinagpipilian lang naman po ay si VP Leni and BBM, na sa ngayon ay nakukulangan pa po ako sa mga  facts at sa mga posibleng agenda at actions na pwede nilang ibigay sa amin mga kabataan. Kailangan competitive ang Presidente ko.

Mr. Dennis E. Nabaza
Private Attorney

I will vote for candidates who have shown competence and moral probity – past and present. I chose candidates who have full grasp of the real state of our country and have definite platforms/programs to address these serious issues. I will vote for candidates with pure intentions to serve the Filipinos, with their welfare as utmost priority, and putting premium in upholding and applying our Constitution and our laws without reservation. Thus, I will vote for Leni and Kiko!

Ms. Kathleen D. Ilagan
Fidelis Senior High School TeacherFAITH Colleges

I will choose Panfilo “Ping” Lacson, as I’ve come along with his credentials. He has what it takes to become the next president, with an outstanding academic background, and decades of experience in public office. He is not just familiar with the nature of the government, but he has a depth comprehension of how the various branches work. Aside from that, he can also withstand any criticism being in a diverse environment. For a long time, he met all sorts of people from law implementers to violators. I can picture him as someone who can command his constituents with firm decisions. I also take into consideration his platforms and stands on different national issues and how he will respond to these challenges. There are lots of candidates that are qualified for the position, but none of them come close to his achievements.

Mr. Zeus Dimaculangan
Owner of Hand Check Vape Lounge

I will be voting for the person who has the same values/moral and has enough knowledge and skills to run the government – VP Leni. A government official should possess the necessary knowledge, skills, and right connections so that continuous projects and programs can be delivered to the people. Lastly, I will be voting for the person who I completely TRUST and can make things happen.

Mr. Emmanuel L. De Torres
Regional Secretary of Junior Jaycees and Administrator 

I am voting for someone who has a proven ability to serve and to provide solid and genuine service to the Filipino people. Doon tayo sa may puso at nakaipon ang mga resibo! Barako ang Nanay ko. 

Ms. Ivee Jane  De Ocampo
Private Employee

Si VP Leni ang Presidente ko. Based on her achievements we can see from compliance and implementation of programs. There are different strategies and platforms or plans they wanted to implement for our country. In the absence of real political parties that are supposed to present the bases for choosing candidates, the task of “voting wisely” is more difficult. Real political parties are expected to exact accountability from their party members. Sa Kulay Rosas tayo. 

Mr. AD Rosales
Segment Producer/ Film Maker and Member of the Malarayat Rotary Club Lipa

I am voting for VP Leni Robredo as the next president of the Republic of the Philippines. Simply there’s her track record. Her receipts and proof of what she did during her 6 years of service as vice president. I am hoping for a more caring and loving government that she gives to us as VP. Lastly, her eagerness to help out our kababayans to a better future. We do have our preferences on who we want to be our next president. We should pursue honesty and integrity in our candidates. A clean track record and a heart for truly helping our countrymen. This should be the pride of our country, not a political clan that still wants to hold the country for another chance. A candidate that will truly serve the country, not treating it as a chore. A hands-on leader that will bring us with them to a better life and future. A government that will be transparent to us, not covering up tracks and showing glamor, unlike this political clan. Never again. Never forget.

Mr. Jasper Lagasca
Private Employee

My vote will be for Madam Leni Robredo. For no particular reason, out of all the presidential candidates, she stands above in terms of career and ethics. As for the others, well let’s start with; Marcos, a son of the former dictator and alleged drug addict, by the looks of it the second coming of PRRD. Pacquaio, a wealthy athlete, as much as he has a good heart, doesn’t really relate to the job of being the person in charge of the whole country. Moreno, another second coming of PRRD, is far better than Pacquiao and Marcos since he actually led something. Lacson, former PNP Chief, and a long-time senator does not have any appeal to the masses, overshadowed by the previous four but is much better than Pacquiao, Moreno, and Marcos. As for the rest, they really are just wasting time in my opinion.

Ms. Jenny L. Magsino
Grade 12 Student at De La Salle Lipa and member of JJC Lipa Barako

Honestly, I don’t know who I should vote for simply because I have those certain standards for a President that most of the candidates don’t have. I am looking for a leader who really cares for the country, not only because it’s their responsibility but because it’s who they really are not as a President but as a Filipino. In some instances, I am also looking at the history and it is one of the most important aspects I should be looking at, the history of the Philippine government. I know that all the candidates can do well, but I am certainly looking for that one person who can stand together with his or her people, give proper justice, and show what democracy really is.

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